One-Click Mortgages Help Borrowers Win the Bidding Wars

Financing a home can often be stressful, demanding, time-consuming, and exhausting. Some may consider the process as a “bidding war” as it often brings many casualties to your finances. However, to help combat these obstacles, Tri-City News introduces the Vancouver-based company, WiiBid, as a seamless system for online, one-click mortgages.

The article describes WiiBId’s platform as the ultimate mortgage shopping experience for users to shop around for the best rate. Instead of having to face the paper-heavy process of applying for a bank mortgage, users can submit just one application and receive full access to the mortgage auction and are guaranteed transparency throughout the entire process, making it a consumer favourite.

“The idea behind WiiBid is to leverage technology to save consumers time, increase their options, and save them tons of money. The automation allows lenders to offer best rates, and since lenders compete against one another at the auction, consumers get to choose their best option.” says Amin Eskooch, Ceo of WiiBid, to Tri-city News.

Through six platform iterations, WiiBid’s team has ensured that the system is error-free, allowing lenders three days to submit their bid for the best possible rate and allowing borrowers 24 hours to select their lender.  And with WiiBid’s new partnership with Equifax Canada, only a single credit check is needed as part of the secure solution, safeguarding users’ sensitive information as part of the mortgage application. Sure enough, many clients have been taking advantage of WiiBid’s secure and innovative platform.

“All the lenders eager to bid for my business was quite the contrary to chasing the lenders for approvals,” WiiBid client Alison Haloway says.

“The security and information were transparent, and the response time was excellent”, says another client, Irene Fraser.

Tri-City News emphasizes that having the right financing tools is just as important as buying the right property. And with WiiBid’s simple application process, borrowers are ensured entry to the ultimate mortgage marketplace in under 10 minutes! Apply today to find the right terms, get the best rate, and win the bidding wars with WiiBid.





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