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Securing a mortgage can be a lengthy and difficult process, but not with WiiBid! Our innovative platform securely streamlines the lending process, by making it borrower-centric and letting lenders submit competing bids for the fulfilment of applications. This Nobel Prize winning approach cuts mortgage approval times by 75%, ensures the lowest rates, helping you access the financial means necessary, to fund your new home, or refinance existing loans!

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Our Marketplace was designed with all mortgage stakeholders in mind; whether you are a Borrower looking for an easier and faster way to get funding, a Lender looking for new business opportunities, a Broker wanting to drop administrative paperwork to focus on client needs, or a Realtor tired of deals falling through, due to a lack of funding.

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“WiiBid allows its customers to connect with a large pool of qualified prime, private, and alternative lenders with just one application, which takes less than 15 minutes to complete."

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As a WiiBid Lender, you get to submit your own loan fulfillment offers on vetted applications. This lets you loan with confidence, offer rates that suit your business model and browse new clients that suit your customer profile. Join our growing list of reputable Private Lending Parters:

National Equity Lending, Leading Alternative Financing Lender
one stop Mortgage Corp. Reputable Private Lender
CareVest, Professional Private Loan Lender
Lanyard Financial Corporation, Alternative Funding And Mortgage Refinancing Lender
CTBC Bank Canadian Private Mortgage Lender
TerraFund, Top BC Private Lender
Sequence Capital - Private Mortgage Solutions

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WiiBid Partners are highly valued thought-leaders within their respective industries. They boost the security of your personal information, support your application and help WiiBid drive the much needed change in the mortgage sector:

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Our team is happy to support and guide you through every step of the application process. We look forward to discussing solutions tailored to your needs!

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