WiiBid is an Innovative Fintech Company

We offer a digital marketplace to enrich borrowers with direct access to the most competitive financing deals. Our mission is to revolutionize borrower-centric lending, delivering choice-based value through the power of bidding! We help individuals who need financing but for one reason or another cannot meet the rigorous requirements of prime lenders like banks and credit unions. We are proud to connect users and facilitate their success in achieving their financial goals.


Revolutionize borrower-centric lending, delivering choice-based value through the power of bidding


The single source of financing deals at your fingertips


Integrity, Security, Prosperity

Our Story

With over 20 years combined experience in developing and delivering technology for financial institutions and other major corporations, and more than a decade experience in real estate development, fund management, and financing; we have experienced first-hand the lack of standardization, opaque, and sense of disconnection in a space that needs to act quickly to meet the needs of buyers.

The conventional mortgage processes are lengthy, and there is often a limit to the number of lenders who could be engaged. Completing numerous financing applications and submitting supportive documentation to multiple lenders is inefficient, labor-intensive, and prone to errors and security risks. We have often wondered if the ‘best deal’ is truly the ‘best deal’. How could it be if only a handful of lenders were engaged?

We love creating win-win situations by bringing people together, allowing individuals and businesses to grow economically, building prosperity for their families and communities. We have the privilege to work with a talented team of developers, application designers, user experience professionals, security experts, project managers, testers, business development specialists, along with highly respected top lender partners to enable borrowers with optimized choices-based value through the power of bidding.

Our product is reflective of our corporate values of integrity, security, and prosperity. We are thrilled to introduce you to WiiBid! Whether you are looking to lend or borrow, or if you are a mortgage broker seeking the ‘best deal’ possible for your clients, we are sure that your digital experience will be positive and rewarding.

We strive to operate as a single source of alternative financing deals and committed to providing you with a transparent, engaging, and informative marketplace.

Find The Best Alternative Financing and Private Mortgages With WiiBid

WiiBid is an innovative fintech company that offers a digital marketplace to borrowers with fast access to the best financing deals possible.

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