New Mortgage Company Puts the Power in Borrowers’ Hands

The Northshore News released an inciting article this March that covers WiiBid’s overarching goal of shifting the power dynamics within the mortgage industry by putting the power back in borrower’s hands.

The newly released article outlines valuable statements from the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Amin Eskooch who capitalizes on the lack of transparency in the mortgage business.

“It is difficult for the average consumer to find the actual mortgage rate” he explains, mentioning that WiiBid simplifies the challenges in seeking ideal mortgage rates without hassling to compare rates from bank to bank.

“As a consumer, you actually have to go to the bank and put in an application to get a rate quoted. And if you want to see if it’s competitive, you have to go to another bank and do the same thing. Most consumers are not even aware of many lenders out there” Eskooch states.

Upon free registration onto the WiiBid’s platform, one application offers borrowers access to a pool of reputable lenders who place multiple bids – the competition results in the lowest mortgage rates. While mortgage calculators are used to compare the auction technology, unique to WiiBid sets it apart from competition. As Canadian seek to identify the best Canadian Mortgage rates, WiiBid offers a solution by revolutionizing the traditional approached to financing, by delivering the transparency and convenience that borrowers need and deserve when it comes to buying their dream home.


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