Our New Normal Demands Cyber-Secure Solutions

It is really hard to believe that it has been just over a year since everyone’s lives have been impacted by the pandemic, known as COVID-19. From our daily “normal” routines to the way we work and communicate, more than ever we rely on technology. Video conferencing platforms have become a key component of collaboration and communication to help engage teams. As we look to the future, most workplaces plan to continue to use remote work options and looking at hybrid models to provide more flexibility, save on space lease costs, and to increase productivity. While there are mixed experiences related to remote work, most workplaces are noticing a reduction in sick times, which means there is overall increased capacity to help operations and businesses. Unknown tools such as Google Meet. Ms. Teams, and Zoom, are now essential business tools used in most companies daily, which has raised discussions around cybersecurity.What is cybersecurity and why is it such a big deal? Moreover George Waller, Security Magazine, explains the long-term considerations organizations should be aware of when selecting cyber-secure video conferencing platforms. “The reality is, there are numerous attack vectors and daily vulnerabilities i.e. a zero-day, that are designed to easily bypass our existing anti-virus software and compromise our devices. In addition to the data loss, breaches spell disaster for heavily regulated and compliant industries in the form of massive fines”. More specifically, George Waller speaks about desktop security measures such as such as computer audio-visual systems such as the camera, microphone, speakers, and keyboards, and clipboards. He urged users to think about ‘personal’ vs. ‘public’ information and offered the following key tips:


  1. If you don’t feel secure, don’t share any information that may put you at risks
  2. Always password protect your meetings
  3. Never use a personal event link for a public facing meeting
  4. Ensure your service provider encrypts all audio and video transmissions


Sadly, breach and exploitation of personal information is a reality of modern technologies. As we are using our devices more and more each day from shopping to work, we need to be aware of how secure the platforms we are using really are, especially if we are providing our personal and sensitive information. In addition to the tips provided by George Waller, here are other security measures that be taken to help minimize your exposure:


  1. Using VPNs, Firewalls, and Wi-Fi Encryption
  2. Turning off Chat Systems while Streaming and Ask if Meetings will be Recorded?
  3. Clearing your Desktop and Closing any Documents to Prevent Risk of Screenshots
  4. Update your Anti-virus and Use Strong Passwords
  5. Use Backgrounds to Protect Your home Privacy or Use a Clear Office Space


Sharing sensitive information is always challenging. At WiiBid, we are passionate about trends and technologies that support security. We have partnered with academia and researchers to offer the latest security tools to improve cyber-security in modern technologies. To learn more about how WiiBid values on security, click below:

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