Considering A Private Mortgage? Learn About Their Value!

Trust me, I get it. Most folks tend to wait around for lower rates, a better deal, or a discounted price. I grew up in a household where waiting just a bit longer was always the safest method when it came to purchasing just about anything. Nonetheless, in the context of mortgage hunting, it may not be as simple as shopping for a new pair of sneakers.

A common challenge for those in shopping around the mortgage market is getting the timing right. We observe the market closely, and do our research, talk to our bankers and accountants, eventually hiring a mortgage broker in hopes that they’ll help us get the keys at the best rate possible.

According to Business in Vancouver (BIV) 2020 may not have been the best time to shop for a mortgage after all, reporting that interest rates on new mortgages are increasing, despite Bank of Canada rate drop. Lenders started increasing rates & reducing variable-rate mortgage discounts on the prime rate. Hence, with most Canadian big banks such as TD, Scotiabank, and RBC, we would see little to no discounts at all.

  • three-year fixed: from 2.69% to 2.89%
  • five-year fixed (high ratio): from 2.69% to 2.79%
  • five-year variable: from 2.85% to 2.95% (no discount on the bank’s prime lending rate)

The Bank of Canada, in response to the pandemic, has reduced its overnight lending rate by a full percentage at the start of the pandemic, lowering it by a total of 150 basis points from 1.75% in January. With this key move conducted by the central bank, according to Statistics Canada, the prime lending rate of Canada’s big banks has been pushed down from 3.95% to 2.45% (see chart below) [BIV].


Government of Canada 5-yr Bond Yields
Fixed Mortgage Rates
Average Mortgage Rate
Average Basis Point Difference (bp)
January 2020 1.58% 2.99% 3.24% 3.09% 2.99% 3.08% 127
May 2020 0.38% 2.79% 2.99% 2.97% 2.79% 2.88% 250


In response to the pandemic, fixed mortgage rates are more popular, with 74% of all mortgages in Canada using fixed rates in 2016 (Statistics Canada). This leaves mortgage brokers nationwide overloaded with applications, jeopardizing the opportunity to attain the best mortgage offers for their clients. Despite the circumstances, Canadian homebuyers; especially new homebuyers, deserve to be well attended to and feel secure about their financial inquiries.

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