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Evaluate applications more effortlessly, and increase your deal flow to deliver more balanced portfolios!

Source New Clients, Lend On Your Terms, And Accelerate Closing Times! Here Is How:

WiiBid’s innovative platform allows you to submit individualized  bids on a diversified pool of  pre-screened applications. Our approach fosters win-win opportunities by finding clients that suit your business goals, and letting you tailor mortgage offers directly to their financial needs! This allows you to save costs, increase deal flow, and close applications up to 75% faster. It’s simple: bid on and manage applications, track performance, and build your digital reputation with WiiBid!

Lend Anytime, Lend Anywhere, Lend On Your Terms

Why WiiBid?

Because WiiBid is the future of lending! Our Borrowers are waiting for you to make their dreams reality: whether it is refinancing an existing loan or a new private mortgage. By harnessing the power of auction theory and automating the loan application process, our platform facilitates sustainable growth. You have 24/7 access to our mortgage marketplace, which features deal performance analytics, a centralized document repository, and secure direct messaging.

Create A Private Lender Profile
Automate Your Paperwork
Source New Business Opportunities
Close Deals 75% Faster
Grow Profits Sustainably

By using WiiBid, you automatically profit of our platform's stringent data protection standards. We take every measure to safeguard the private data and information of your clients:

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WiiBid is an innovative fintech company that offers a digital marketplace to borrowers with fast access to the best alternative financing deals possible.

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