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Sending redundant and repetitive mortgage applications is a thing of the past. Thanks to WiiBid, a single, secure, digital application is all you need! Our platform allows you to source new clients with ease, and automates the application process, which lets you wrap up deals up to 75% faster. Harnessing the power of auction theory, our broad Lender network submits individualized loan offers, tailored to each of your customers. This enables you to provide a range of optimal solutions, fulfilling your clients’ specific needs. All whilst your own profits grow, as you can still set your desired brokerage fees for each application!

Focus On What Really Matters: Your Clients!

Why WiiBid?

The answer is simple, because it is easy to use, saves you time and eliminates pesky paperwork. All you need to do is set up an account and you are ready to take advantage of the paperless mortgage revolution! Once registered, your name and agency will be displayed on the platform, allowing our borrowers to enlist your help if needed; you can also submit applications on your client's behalf directly in our system!

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WiiBid is an innovative fintech company that offers a digital marketplace to borrowers with fast access to the best alternative financing deals possible.

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