What Can A WiiBid Powered Mortgage Do For you?
What Can A WiiBid Powered Mortgage Do For you?
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Mortgages Are Not Just For Home Buying

 Read below to find out how you can use WiiBid to get the best Canadian mortgage rates!

Banks Are Not The Only Mortgage Providers

Mortgages have become the essential tool when it comes to fulfilling the dream of homeownership! Unfortunately, the acceptance criteria for bank mortgages have become more difficult to fulfill.

With WiiBid, you take full control over the mortgage application process! Our platform empowers you to get the financing you need, as you only have to submit a single application to reach our reputable Canadian alternative mortgage lenders.

This gives you access to your funds in as little as 10 days, compared to the industry average 30-45 days!

Want to learn more about alternative financing and how WiiBid can help you access the funds you need? Click the button below to find out:

Home Equity Loans, Refinancing & Accessing Your Properties' Value

Home equity loans enable you to access the funds locked into your property. They can help you finance new personal projects, further schooling, or large purchases.

The advantage of a home equity loan is, that allows you to borrow funds against your property, even if you already have a mortgage! Since the loan is secured, you often get lower interest rates than your credit cards or other unsecured facilities. You can even use it to pay off your high interest debts such as credit cards and save in the long run.

You do not have to keep the wealth to yourself though; a home equity loan is the perfect opportunity to support family. Consider this: your child is looking to purchase their own family home, but cannot afford the 20% down payment on the desired property. You can use a home equity loan to unlock your property value and provide the immediate financing your family needs!

WiiBid's qualified Canadian mortgage lenders help you fund the next step, purchase, and generation!

To learn more about the equity in your home and how its property value is assessed in B.C., visit the WiiBid Blog by clicking on the button below:

Increase Your Home's Sale Price With A Renovation Loan

It is no secret that a beautiful home also deserves a beautiful price tag. So why not spruce up your property, and its price tag before you sell?

In fact many sellers do not realize how much value a quick renovation can add to real estate and how much return on investment it can yield!

First impressions matter the most and consumer psychology is key: a home exterior that exudes safety coupled with a comfortable interior significantly increase the sales price of your property and ultimately puts cash back into your pocket.

A WiiBid powered renovation loan can help you unlock the funds needed to remodel and gain as much as a 64% return.

To learn more about the value of a renovation loan and how WiiBid's network of leading Canadian mortgage lenders can help, click the button below:

Found Your Dream Home? Cover Closing Costs Quickly!

Sometimes exceptional deals, like a competitive dream property, require a quick closing. This can be stressful if you fell in love with the house, but don't have your mortgage finalized!

Getting a bank mortgage takes at least 30 days, as they are large organizations with many slow moving pieces. Rather than losing your dream home, turn to financing with WiiBid! We can help you get the funding you need, up to 75% faster than a traditional bank mortgage.

Our Canadian mortgage lenders offer competitive rates, based you your financial needs, and get you the funds when you need them most.

Click below, take 15 minutes to submit an application, and get mortgage lending in as little as 10 days:

Get The Bridge Financing You Need!

Sometimes there is a short time gap between when you expect to receive liquidity and when you really need it! An alternative mortgage can be used as bridge financing, in order to keep you afloat between periods of liquidity.

Perhaps you are expecting an inheritance but you first need to clear a very large tax bill. Meaning you will need access to cash on a short term basis in order to meet your financial obligations. 

Getting a mortgage with WiiBid is a great way to cover short term liquidity requirements and can be a faster, more cost effective way to keep afloat!

You can get the funds you need through WiiBid's reputable Canadian lender network, up to 75% faster than traditional bank mortgages!

Want To Build Or Extend Your Own Home? Get A Construction Mortgage!

It is usually very difficult to get home construction financing from banks. Construction is viewed as risky and only select clients maybe able to access construction financing , most major banks have scrapped or severely limited their retail construction programs. 

Even in cases where banks approve construction for the long term clients with substantial assets, they usually have a limit (loan amount), meaning there is a limit on the size of the construction (no luxury homes) and it requires more capital to be put in directly from you.

For example, you may own a property and are currently maintaining a conventional mortgage. Since you are already indebted, it may be difficult for you to re-qualify for another low rate mortgage loan for construction projects. You know you can't get a great interest rate from your current lender, but know that you still need financing.

In cases like this, a second mortgage can finance needed construction, allow you to keep your existing financing, and have enough capital to re-build your dream home!

Take advantage of WiiBid's simplicity and let our proudly Canadian mortgage lenders offer you competitive low rates!

Investing In A Future Property? Get A Private Mortgage To Purchase Pre-Sale!

When signing a pre-sale agreement, i.e. buying property before it has finished construction, is a great way to become a home owner and allows you to personalize customizations for your new home!

You would typically sign a pre-sale agreement a few years before construction is completed, and pay a 15-25% deposit to secure the property. That being said, a lot can happen in the 3-4 years whilst construction is finished. Sometimes your financial circumstances change, and you may no longer qualify for a low rate bank mortgage when it is the time to purchase.

If you can’t get financing, the consequences of not closing are the loss of your 15-25% deposit, and potential litigation for defaulting on your pre-sale agreement!

A WiiBid powered private mortgage allows you to still seal the deal and move into your new home. If you can no longer afford the property, financing form our qualified Canadian mortgage lenders gives you the opportunity to sell the property to recoup your deposit!

Looking To Pay Off Credit? Console Your Debt With WiiBid!

Do you have a lot of high interest debt such as credit cards or other consumer credit?

Unlocking your home equity through a WiiBid private mortgage is a great way to receive the funds needed to cover your finances!

Secured Private mortgages can help pay off and consolidate debt, which reduces interest rates and empowers you to start repairing your credit!

Unlike banks, our Canadian mortgage lenders may help you cover debt and take full control of your finances. Don't wait, use WiiBid to rise above your debt; click the button below to learn more about how we can help to save your credit:

Journey to My Dream Home

“I can picture the perfect house in my mind, I just need to build it but the bank won't give me the mortgage." 

WiiBid can support you in achieving the perfect mortgage to make your dream property a livable reality. 

The Need for Short-Term Liquidity

“I am expecting a generous amount of inheritance but I first need to clear a large tax bill."  

WiiBid's quick application process and competitive bidding allows for short-term bridge financing to access property valuation liquidity in times of need.

Wealth Creation

“I have lived in my house for 10 years and the property value has tripled. I don't want to sell my home but heard there are ways to access the equity to invest."  

Using existing home equity to buy more properties to rent out is a direction some real-estate lovers take as a wealth-generation strategy. The rental income earned can build up and help pay the mortgage over time. Consult a WiiBid Advisor to assess if this is for you. 

Renovate to Appreciate

“I need to renovate my house before I sell, but I don't have the funds." 

WiiBid's auction feature creates competition between lenders to access the best refinancing rates possible to leverage homeowner equity. 

Bypass the Limit

“I need more capital than the bank can lend me to invest in high end properties." 

WiiBid can help supplement the bank with a second mortgage. 

Past Decision Going South

“3 years ago, I put down a security deposit on my dream home. Today, the bank reassessed that I am no longer eligible for a mortgage. Will I lose my deposit?" 

With WiiBid, alternative mortgage solutions are available through qualified private lenders just in time to save prepaid purchase deposits. 

The Big Break

“I have received the biggest order of my business career, but I don't have the capital to produce enough for the order." 

WiiBid can help with funding in a matter of days at competitive rates through a competitively priced home equity loans. 

Drowning in Interest Debt

“I am only making minimum payments to my credit cards and my interest rates are stacking up!" 

WiiBid is able to consolidate debt through a competitive home equity loan to help achieve a lower interest rate.

Deals in the Fastlane

“I found an amazing property for a bargain. I want to fast track the financing process so I don't lose the deal." 

Because of WiiBid's centralized pool of lenders, mortgage loans are secured in a matter of days, getting the best competitive rates to seal that deal.

Retired But Not Ready to Sell

“I retired a year ago and want to get some bucket list travelling done but don't have a lot of savings. My house is paid off but I don't want to sell it." 

Accessing a portion of gained equity over the years is possible through WiiBid. It is important to consult with a financial advisor when making such life decisions. 

New to Canada?

Starting a new life in Canada but can't get approved by the bank?

WiiBid can help new immigrants by giving them access to a pool of qualified lenders at competitive rates. 

Unexpected Tax Payments

Sometimes taxes can catch you off guard and you might not be ready for it. 

WiiBid has your back by connecting you with our network of mortgage lenders. We can help you attain your home equity – access cash using the best rates to manage the unexpected. 

Saving Lives

Does your child want to be a doctor but can't get enough funds from the government student loan program? 

You can help them out with WiiBid's support. Use your equity to ensure your child's career. 

Investing with Equity

Have a lot of equity but want to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk?

Leverage your equity to invest in whatever you want using the WiiBid platform. 

Questions? Book a session with a WiiBid Advisor and let us guide you on your mortgage.

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