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Use the power of bidding to bid farewell to complicated loan applications! With WiiBid, you only need to submit one application to reach all of our trusted lending partners. After reviewing your application, lenders submit competing bids tailored specifically to your financial needs. This allows you to compare the best offers available, and lets you choose the best solution for you! This gives you access to lower rates, cuts application processing times by 75%, and gives you full control over your mortgage!

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Here Is How It Works:

“WiiBid allows its customers to connect with a large pool of qualified prime, private, and alternative lenders with just one application, which takes less than 15 minutes to complete."

The process is as simple as it gets. In fact, you can submit a complete mortgage application in less than 15 minutes! You only need one piece of Identification, such as your drivers license, your credit score, and some information about the property you want a mortgage for or would like to refinance. Mortgages are not just for home buyers either: click here to discover the other advantages of a WiiBid mortgage!

Step 1

Register To Apply

First register your email as a Borrower to access the WiiBid platform; then simply login to create your profile and application. Once your application is complete, WiiBid will approve and submit it to auction.
Step 2

Submit to Auction

Once your application is in auction, our Lenders are notified to place competing bids on your request. Your auction will remain active for 3 days, and you will be notified every time a bid is received to view all active offers during the auction.
Step 3

Select an Offer

You can evaluate and accept the bids you received at any time, or wait until your auction has closed to see all your options. Once an offer is accepted by you, the Letter of Intent (LOI) will be populated, outlining your financing details for your review and approval.
Step 4

Get Funded

Your Lender will draft up a Commitment Letter, that outlines terms, conditions, and any documents they need from you. Upload the requested documents, sign the letter and receive funding commitment. Finally, meet with your lawyer, close and get funded!

We Value Your Trust

Transparency is key, that's why we provide you with real-time updates during your application process and get specialist advice any time!
Data Security is a top priority for us so you can apply with ease. We adheres to strict Standards: ISO 270001, CIS 1.1.0, SOC TSP, and PCI DSS. All Your information is safely secured, encrypted, and stays in Canada.
Our platform enables Lenders to tailor their offers to your financial needs, so you get access to the best mortgage and refinancing rates faster!

Ready to Apply?

Now that you know more about how WiiBid can help you achieve your desired financial goals, you are ready to submit your mortgage application and get the best rates as you deserve nothing less! Simply create a Borrower profile and you will access auctioned bids in no time:


Our team is happy to support and guide you through every step of the application process. We look forward to discuss solutions tailored to your needs!

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