Give Your Kids A Hand.

90% of millennials turn to parents for down-payment for their first home.

1. Use Home Equity to Gift Their Down Payment

2. Find Their First Home

3. Get The Best Mortgage Rates

Stay In Your Home,

Help Your Kids Get Theirs.

Stay In the Home You Love.
Access the equity in your home without having to move or sell
No Monthly Payments
Access lump-sum cash from your home equity and be able to help your kids to get into the housing market before its too late, without having the stress of higher monthly payments.
Tax-Free Cash
Parents can help children grow their own home equity without paying any capital gains taxes!
Extra Cash
Use it to renovate, pay off higher interest debt or take a dream vacation, while helping your kids build their financial future


Eligibility Requirements

  • Canadian Homeowner
  • Age 55 or older (both spouses)

How Much Can You Borrow?

The Reverse Mortgage allows you to borrow up to 55%* of your home’s value. The total amount that can be borrowed is dependent on your age, the location of your home, the type of home, the condition of your home and the appraised value of your home.

How to get out of the Reverse Mortgage?

You can get out of a reverse mortgage at any time by paying off your reverse mortgage amount plus interest accrued. However, you may be charged a fee to pay off your reverse mortgage early. You do not need to pay anything towards your reverse mortgage unless you choose to leave your home. 

I Don't Have Enough Down Payment How Can I get a Mortgage?

CMHC Canada provides a pathway for home buyers to only put down 5% or 10%, however, smaller down payment (less than 20%) will require a mortgage insurance which is prohibitively expensive (up to 4%! )  CMHC Premium Cost. In addition, qualification for CMHC insured loans are substantially more stringent by lender and can result in overall lower buying power or no qualification at all, depending on the borrowers’ specific conditions.

More than 90% of first time home buyers borrow funds for down-payment on their first homes from their parent. Parents typically access the funds by taking out some equity from their homes via a traditional mortgage or a reverse mortgage.