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Down payments, potential commissions and your client's dream property may be lost forever if financing falls through. Don't let it get to that stage, by becoming a WiiBid Affiliate! Your clients get better mortgage deals up to 75% faster, allowing you to close the sale.  On top of this, you receive a sweet 25% referral commission from us, for every client that successfully borrows through WiiBid!

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All we need is your name, email, and phone # to provide you with a unique URL link to share with your clients. Any applications created using your personalized link to access a loan using WiiBid will be tracked under your name to ensure your commissions are intact. You can request a report of your earnings to date at anytime.

Step 1
Register As An Affiliate
Step 2
Share Your Referral Link With Clients
Step 3
Your Clients Get Financing Results
Step 4
Successfully Close The Property Deal
Step 5
You Get Paid Two Commisions!

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WiiBid is an innovative fintech company that offers a digital marketplace to borrowers with fast access to the best alternative financing deals possible.

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