Your Best Rate Shopping Destination

Source Deals, Reduce Workload, Increase Revenue

Your winning portal to manage deals, maximize client relationships, and identify private lenders. Shop for the most optimum rate with multiple lenders at a click of an auction to drastically reduce workload through centralization, automation, and standardization.

Maximize your time building relationships vs. filling redundant applications

An opportunity to negotiate through the power of Bid

Your opportunity to support your clients to agent the best deals in the market, virtually shopping through a pool of trusted and reliable private investors and institutional lenders. Analyze bids to supply the best advice to your clients with the most optimum rate

Centralize your business and access the best deals for your clients

Without WiiBid

Time to Fill Numerous Applications
Uncertainty to Closing the Best Rate
Delays in receiving an offer in Time

With WiiBid

Maximize your time to analyze deals
One application reaches many lenders
Confidence to present the best offer

WiiBid is an innovative fintech company that offers a digital marketplace to borrowers with fast access to the best alternative financing deals possible.

Address: 701 West Georgia Street, Suite 1500, Vancouver, British Columbia, V7Y 1C6, Canada
Phone : 1-888-BID-0828