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WiiBid: Turning Heads For Freelancers And The Self-Employed

From driving an Ubers afterhours, to managing Airbnb spaces, or creating on Fiverr; Canada’s gig economy has been surging rapidly in recent years. Millennials nationwide are taking an entrepreneurial approach to reach their financing goals. The unprecedented growth in the e-commerce sector has revealed many fascinating opportunities for freelancers to accumulate passive income. As if […]

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Discover 10 Factors Impacting How Your Property Is “Assessed” in BC!

Ever wondered how property value is “assessed”? Let’s say you bought a two-bedroom condo in North Vancouver for $850,000, but BC Assessment values your new place at only $800,000, or imagine selling a detached house for $1 million, even though BC Assessment estimated the home value at around $900,000. Something seems a bit off here, […]

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Save Your Credit Through Debt Consolidation

Lets start with the definitions: Your credit score is a number, based on specific information that gets displayed on your credit report. If you are struggling with high credit card debt with high rates, your credit score may be at risk. Using a mortgage vehicle cab help you pay down debt to save your credit before it’s too […]

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