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Discover 10 Factors Impacting How Your Property Is “Assessed” in BC!

Ever wondered how property value is “assessed”? Let’s say you bought a two-bedroom condo in North Vancouver for $850,000, but BC Assessment values your new place at only $800,000, or imagine selling a detached house for $1 million, even though BC Assessment estimated the home value at around $900,000. Something seems a bit off here, […]

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First Impressions Matter – Renovate To Maximize Property Value

Almost everyone knows it’s a good idea to renovate before selling your property. A little paint, new lighting, and posh flooring can go a long way in helping you increase your potential revenue. This increase in property value after a renovation is also known as Return on Investment (ROI). Most homeowners are surprised to learn […]

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British Columbia’s Latest FinTech Innovation

“The bank said No? — WiiBid is here to help! The problem is that many Canadian homeowners are weary of alternative mortgages and perceive the banks to be the only source of financing. While alternative and private lenders offer higher rates than the banks, they are far more flexible and much faster; especially when the situation demands […]

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