Author: Azin Soufi

Discover 10 Factors Impacting How Your Property Is “Assessed” in BC!

Ever wondered how property value is “assessed”? Let’s say you bought a two-bedroom condo in North Vancouver for $850,000, but BC Assessment values your new place at only $800,000, or imagine selling a detached house for $1 million, even though BC Assessment estimated the home value at around $900,000. Something seems a bit off here, […]

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Will Mortgage Shopping Be The Next To Go Online?

Everybody knows that the COVID-19 Pandemic has had quite an impact on 2020 and will likely continue to do so for the years to come; but what does that mean for traditional mortgages? Well for starters this year more than ever, we saw a shift of traditional shopping from in-store to online, boosting the market […]

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Private Lending Solutions at Auctioned Rates

Looking for a private mortgage but want to make sure you are getting the best rate without spending valuable time shopping around? Look no further – WiiBid is your one-stop-shop! For the first time ever, lenders are bidding on mortgages! With WiiBid you can get “auctioned” rates which means you have a centralized marketplace to […]

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